Actuators/ Hydraulic Lift Systems

Actuators – Remote Control Actuators, Switch Controlled Actuators

Control the lifting, lowering or adjustment of moving parts with the simple push of a button! Contact Strut Innovations on 0418 690 635 to discuss whether an actuator may suit your needs.

Actuators are the perfect solution when you need simple, safe and clean movement with accurate and smooth motion control.

If you have a 12V or 24V power outlet to operate an actuator, Strut Innovations can supply and install an automated lifting solution for you.

The benefits of actuators

  • Automate the performance of moving parts in heavy or hard to reach objects
  • Enhance safety, convenience and control of opening/ closing speeds
  • Compact design, clean, self-contained
  • Energy efficient
  • Practical and cost-effective solution for reducing wear and tear

tilting, lifting, pulling, or pushing

Actuators are ideal for all sorts of applications

Ute Canopy Actuator