How We Can Help

The application of our gas struts in industry are wide and far-reaching.

We offer a full range of services that will give you everything you need when it comes to gas struts. Call Strut Innovations and we’ll be on our way to help you out!


Gas Strut Servery Windows

Servery Windows are an essential component for an entertainers lifestyle. The Gas Strut Servery Window combines maximum opening space with minimal interference.

Gas Strut Servery Windows are a unique option for optimum access and user friendly functionality.

Heavy Awnings

Gas Strut Awnings exceeding 100kg

New Australian custom designed and manufactured Sliding Bracket Kits for awnings up to 300kg. Operated by gas struts, heavy awnings can be safely opened and closed by one person.

Household and Building

Kitchen Cupboards, Windows, Pool Boxes, Decking Hatches, Gates, Doors, Planter Boxes, Storage Boxes – the applications are endless.

Protect little fingers from banging lids, ease the operation of attic/ cellar stairs, lighten the load of heavy objects or create useful storage solutions.

Some common applications using gas struts include Kitchen Cupboards, Microwave Cabinets and Hatches, Day Beds, Storage Beds, Built-in Wall Beds, Windows – bay windows, louvre windows, awnings – Gates, Doors, Toy Boxes/ Lids, Planter Boxes, Garbage Bin Enclosures, Storage Chests – indoor and outdoor, Pool Filter Lids, Pool Decking, Steps and Storage Boxes, Attic doors/ Stair Lifts, Exercise Equipment.


Automotive Gas Struts

Mobile strut regassing or supply of new gas struts for any type of vehicle application – Car Boots, Bonnets, Tailgates, Ute Canopies and Toolboxes, Rear/ Side Glass Windows.

All struts can be gassed to suit you specific needs while you wait, or we can pre-gas and deliver them to you.


Gas Struts for Boats and the Marine Industry

We supply, fit and re-gas 316 Stainless Steel (marine grade) gas struts to suit, Boat Hatches, Cabinets and Doors, Boat Engine Hatches, Outboard Motors, Storage Compartments, Jet Ski Compartments, Galley/ Kitchen Cupboards and Hatches, BBQ Lids and Jacuzzi Lids.

Caravans / Campers / Trailers

Caravan Gas Struts and Struts for Off Road Vehicles

We regas and supply a full range of new gas struts for caravans, camper trailers, caravan pop-tops, storage beds, kitchen cupboards, cabinets, interior hatches, engine hatches and more.  All struts are gassed to suit your individual lifting and lowering requirements. We can also custom fit additional struts to your caravan or camper trailer to suit your specific needs.

Commercial Gas Struts

Strut regassing and custom fitouts on a wide range of commercial applications.

Tool Boxes, Display Cabinets, Refrigerated Deli Glass Cases, Catering Equipment, Signage – encased indoor and outdoor signs – Carnival Stalls, Mobile Stalls / Mobile Bars/ Gelato Bars, Medical Apparatus/ Hospital Beds/ Examination Tables, Film Sets, Stage Sets, Theatre/ Stage Props, Office Equipment, Office Chairs.


Improve the safety in using heavy, large, hard to reach objects; Reduce wear and tear on machinery; Satisfy occupational health and safety requirements in Australia

Industrial Machinery, Engine Covers, Lids, Safety Grills and Guards, Printing Machinery, Bakery Machinery, Factory Conveyor Belts, Tool Boxes, Table Lift Systems, Trucks, Earth Moving Equipment and other Heavy Vehicles – seats, engine covers and side panels.

The uses of gas struts in industry are far reaching, as they:

  • improve the safety in using heavy objects
  • reduce wear & tear on machinery
  • control the speed of movement of heavy, large and hard to reach objects
  • dampen the end motion during movement
  • help to satisfy Occupational Health & Safety requirements in Australia.