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Gas Struts Sizes


Standard Gas Struts

Shaft Diamater

Body Diameter

Extended Length

Stroke Length

Newton Force Range





50-400 N



175 – 800 mm

50 – 365 mm

50 – 700 N

10mm –


250 – 1200

85 – 560 mm

50 – 1200 N

14mm –


250 – 1100

85 – 500 mm

50 – 2200 N

316 Stainless Steel Gas Struts

Shaft Diamater

Body Diameter

Extended Length

Stroke Length

Newton Force Range

6mm –


195 – 390 mm

60 – 155 mm

50 – 400 N

8mm –


310 – 710 mm

115 – 315 mm

50 – 700 N

10mm –


295 – 820 mm

110 – 365 mm

50 – 1000 N

14mm –


910 – 1100 mm

910 – 1100 mm

50 – 1800 N


End Fittings and Mounting Hardware


We stock end fittings, mounting hardware. Most of our stock is immediately available for despatch or installation.

We also custom design and manufacture assembly parts to meet specific needs. These are made to order in a relatively short time frame.

Contact Strut Innovations to discuss or order new gas struts – standard struts, 316 stainless steel struts, chair struts, locking struts, remote control actuators and much more.  All struts will be gassed to suit your specific requirements. Call 0418 690 635.


We stock a full range of 316 stainless steel and standard gas struts, chair struts, locking struts, actuators, end fittings, brackets and more.
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What our clients say....

  • My workshop has been using Craig for years for regassing and installing new struts on a range of prestige vehicles. Craig takes the hassle and guess work out of us chasing up different types and sizes of struts for our customers. He also reconditions and regasses original struts wherever possible. We always get fast service from Craig, usually same day.

    Gabriel, Managing Director, Gabriel Motors, Rozelle

    - Strut regassing for prestige cars
  • Strut Innovations installed a heavy duty stainless steel strut on the guard of a dough mixer in our bakery. The machine is much easier to operate now and meets OH&S requirements. We got same day service and quality workmanship. We would not hesitate to recommend Craig.

    – Jason and Robyn, Proprietors, Coniston Bakery

    - Struts for dough mixer
  • I love the storage boxes and toy boxes around the pool decking in our new house. Easy to lift lids that protect little fingers. Thank you Craig!

    – Sara, Randwick

    - Storage boxes
  • The tailgate struts on my SUV failed 4 years after I bought it. After looking into the cost charged by the car manufacturer to order new struts I had my existing struts regassed by Strut Innovations. I was actually given the choice of regassing or getting brand new struts installed by Strut Innovations and either option worked out to be a lot cheaper and quicker than what the car manufacturer quoted.  Strut Innovations came to my house after business hours and regassed the struts while I waited.

    –  Di, North Ryde

    - Tailgate struts
  • We love camping but started finding it a real chore to set up our heavy 8 year old camper trailer. Craig from Strut Innovations came to us and regassed the four original struts in the trailer on the spot. It was quick and cheap. Now even my wife can lift the trailer hood with one hand.

    We got Craig to come back before Christmas to install a couple of new struts on top of the trailer. It meant that I could lift my tinny on and off the trailer without asking for a hand every time I wanted to go fishing. Thanks Craig.

    – Ian and Julie, Breakfast Point

    - We love our camper trailer but ….